Community Nursing Care

We have a variety of experienced and qualified pool of nurses on our panel. We can organize a nurse for your day to day specific nursing needs that require an authorized registered nurse who specializes in that particular area nursing care.

A registered community nurse provides medical supervision and delivery of complex nursing procedures and monitoring, oversees and trains staff with the administration of medications, peg feeds and complex bowel management and more.

Household Tasks

Keep your home cleaned and everyday life organized with daily household tasks done by our trained support workers. The household tasks may include:


Support to buy regular things

Consumable is a support category available under NDIS to enable you to buy things that are used every day, for example home enteral nutrition (HEN) items.

If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support class ‘consumables’ in your NDIS plan, you can access the supports listed below

Supports Assistive items or personal safety and care Accessibility to specific equipment and special aids including:

Assistive products​

Assistive products for safety and personal care

We can organize and procure specialized equipment and aids that are recommended by your therapists to assist with your health, well-being and necessary tasks.

Help With Social and Community Participation

Support to engage with your community

Our trained staff can assist you with your community engagements, social life participations and recreational activities.

If you are an NDIS participant and are registered for the support class ‘Core Supports’, you can access ‘social and network cooperation’ activities by using your NDIS plan.

Assistive Technology

Support for specialized equipment and aid

Living independent is at the center of NDIS supported products and services. There are a number of personalized aids and equipment available that can assist you living more independent and autonomously.

If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support class ‘assistive technology’ in your NDIS plan, you can look over the supports beneath.

Home modification and design

We work with your existing therapists or we can arrange one for you. Based on their recommendation the relevant aids and equipment suitable to your daily mobility requirements can be installed at your premises such as:

Vehicle Modification

We can help you to lease a special vehicle for your specific needs.

There are many ways to make transportation easier for people with disabilities. We will assist people with disabilities who wish to:

Standard production vehicles can be specially modified to enable people with disabilities to drive the vehicle safely.


Assistive products for sports & recreation

If you enjoy playing sports for the sake of entertainment or career, we can assist you with purchasing the products you need, including:

Mobility equipment

We work with your existing therapists or we can arrange one for you. Based on your goals for independent living, they will recommend the relevant aids and equipment suitable to your daily mobility requirements.

Following list of aids and equipment are available to assist with your mobility challenges both indoors and outdoors.

Walking frames
Wheeled walkers
Transfer equipment such as boards, slide sheets, and car pads
Slings and hoists

Assistive products for household tasks

Household tasks can be made simpler with specific products for cooking, cleaning, washing, and home maintenance. These include:

Alarms and door bells

We will provide Alarm systems and door bells to make everything simple for you.

Adapted clocks

We will provide you adapted clocks so that you may not feel any difficulty.

Programmable memory aids

We will provide you programmable memory aids so that you remain updated.

Assistive devices for dishwashing and cleaning

We will provide you special devices so that you can easily wash your dishes and clean your house.

Assistive devices for cooking

We will provide you special devices which help alot during cooking.

Environmental control units (ECUs)

We will provide you Environmental control units devices which will help you to keep your environment clean.

Information and communication equipment

Increase your ability to communicate more independently and with confidence with various equipment and aids to do spoken or written communication via electronic products such as:

  • Voice generators
  • Word processing and other specialized software
  • Microphones, keyboards, and other equipment
  • Face to face communication assistive products
  • Letter and symbol boards and sets
  • Communication amplifiers
  • Text to speech device
  • Personal readers
  • Other specialized devices and aids
  • Some items may require a prescription from a health professional.