AT and Home Modification

Assistive Technology and Home Modification

Assistive Technology

Living independent is at the center of the NDIS supported products and services. Besides person to person care service, there are a number of personalized aids and equipment available that can assist you in achieving a more independent and
autonomous life.

If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support class Assistive Technology’ in your NDIS plan, you can look at the following list to have an idea of what types of AT you can get.

  • Assistive products for safety and personal care
          • Pressure mattresses
          • Beds
          • Toilet and bathroom equipment
          • Specialized clothing
  • Mobility equipment
          • Walking frames
          • Wheeled walkers
          • Wheelchairs
          • Slings and hoists
  • Assistive products for household tasks
          • Adapted clocks
          • Programmable memory aids
          • Assistive devices for dishwashing and cleaning
          • Assistive devices for cooking
  • Information and communication equipment
          • Voice generators
          • Microphones, keyboards, and other equipment
          • Communication amplifiers
          • Text to speech device

Home modification

  1. We work with your existing therapists or we can arrange one for you. Based on your goals and their recommendations, the relevant home modification can be conducted at your premises to enhance your home safety and independence. Some of the examples of home modification include:
         • Adding rails to your washroom
         • Introducing slopes
         • Adding a slip safe covering to your tile
         • Removing rugs that are trip hazards
         • Other minor adjustments to enable you to live freely at home

Need more information about our assistive technology and home modification services or want to sign up for our services, we are just one call away.