Inside Look: Life as an NDIS Community Nurse

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Community nurses are a vital part of the healthcare system in Perth, especially within the disability community. With 56,185 participants supported by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) across Western Australia , the role of community nurses is more critical than ever in promoting quality of life.

Finding the best team of community nurses who offer exceptional in-home nursing services to people with disabilities is essential. When choosing the “best” community nursing team, it’s important to consider their commitment and passion beyond their professional qualifications.

The Heartbeat of Perth’s NDIS Community

Perth NDIS community nursing provider, Perth NDIS support services, Perth NDIS provider

Community nursing in Perth’s disability sector is more than just clinical treatment and assessment. It involves providing ongoing care to participants outside of a hospital setting. This means that community nurses should be able to provide:

  • Comprehensive assessment of overall health and supports required
  • Training and competency assessment for staff (internal and external)
  • Wound care
  • Seizure monitoring and management
  • Post-hospital discharge checks and care plan compilation
  • Bladder Management and Catheter Change
  • Nursing reports and care plan review
  • High-intensity supports (high care)

Meet the Team: Faces Behind Our Community Nursing Services

One of Helping Solutions’ prides is our registered and professionally trained community nurses. They are not just dedicated but deeply committed to providing essential in-home services and high-care support tailored to our participants’ needs. We took the opportunity to sit down with some members of our amazing team of nurses, to find out more about their passions, what they love about the job and to get to know them on a deeper and more personal level.

Why Nursing?

For many of our nursing team, the choice to become a nurse was personal. For Livia, one of Helping Solutions’ community nurses, deciding to become a nurse was an easy choice. While still at school, she was always interested in biology and had a deep passion for helping others. By becoming a nurse, she gets the best of both worlds.

Livia’s fellow nurse, Megan, was inspired by the children she encountered growing up while her mother worked as a preschool manager. I always saw children growing up with disabilities, and it was just something I wanted to do, she said.

Their Love for Nursing

Despite the long hours and numerous challenges, our nurses find immense joy in their work. “I think that being a nurse is such a privileged job to be able to do, to be there for people…” is what Megan loves most about being a nurse. She finds joy in being there for people when they feel most alone and in pain. Livia shares this sentiment, as she loves being able to support and help people when they’re most vulnerable.

Maddison’s love for nursing goes beyond office walls. She loves interacting with her participants in person and getting to know their families and caretakers. Audrey lives her purpose of promoting and advocating for quality of life, a sentiment she embraced when she chose nursing as a career and continues to uphold as a community nurse.

Advice for Future Nurses


After surviving the tough years of study and rigorous training, our community nurses share their advice for anyone aspiring to be a nurse. Maddison encourages all aspiring nurses to “absolutely go for it.” She proudly names nursing as an honourable career and spoke from her experience about how it has the power to shape the way we think, feel, and act in a positive way.

Livia emphasises the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses. “It is a very challenging but very rewarding career,” she said. Megan echoes this sentiment, humorously warning aspiring nurses to “enter with caution.”


What It Takes to Be a Community Nurse

Our community nurses spoke from their experience about the critical qualities needed for a successful nursing team: critical thinking, patience, education and involvement, and strong communication skills. Megan believes that sticking to one’s goals, instincts, and trusting oneself are the best qualities to create a successful nursing team.

What You Might Not Know About Nurses

Nurses are not exempt from misconceptions. Often there is an expectation that someone in a medical profession will know what to do in every situation, and what Audrey points out, is that each procedure, each piece of practical knowledge comes with time and experience. We are lucky at Helping Solutions to have a team of nurses who can build on each other’s knowledge and expertise.

Fun Facts


Our community nurses do more than just provide care and support; they know how to have fun too. Megan shares her love for coffee and confidently named it her favourite drink, attributing it to her being a nurse. Megan’s career aspirations, if not for nursing, could have easily led her down a creative path instead. She admits she could have pursued interior or fashion design, but chose nursing instead. The super power she would love to have would be the power to teleport home to Ireland for a quick cuddle from her mum and dad before returning to her life in Perth.

For Maddison, a career in teaching would be an easy choice if she were not a nurse, as she specialises in child and adolescent health, as well as mental health. Behind the scenes, Maddison loves relaxing walks with her dogs and spending downtime at the beach with her family and friends.


Livia would have pursued a career in the health and fitness industry and highlights her continued passion for it by saying that walking with her dog and going to the gym with her housemates are some of her favourite pastimes. If she had a superpower, she would want to fly because, in her words, “who wouldn’t want to fly?”

Thank you to our nursing team for exclusively sharing their stories and encouraging aspiring nurses to continue pursuing their nursing dreams. We are grateful for your dedication and for providing your participants with the quality life they deserve.


Don’t take our word for it, hear what Janice has to say about her nursing team…


Looking for an NDIS registered provider in Perth that has an in-house community nursing team?

If you or someone you know is looking for community nursing service, our dedicated nursing team is here to support. We are experienced in caring for participants with epilepsy, diabetes, and mental health. We can also provide extensive training to your support workers.

Call 1300 906 155, email [email protected] or complete our referral form today.

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