Diversity & Inclusion at Helping Solutions

Diversity & Inclusion at Helping Solutions

Helping Solutions is committed to ensuring that diversity, equality and inclusion are at the core of all the work we do. We believe that having a person-centred workforce supports our broader mission of delivering helpful disability solutions that improve liveability and promote the well-being of all people living with disabilities.

Helping Solutions acknowledges that people with disabilities are just as diverse as the rest of the population, with diverse backgrounds and identities. Helping Solutions also acknowledges that people with disabilities who:

  • are from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background
  • are First Nations peoples
  • identify with the LGBTQI+ community

all face unique and compounded stigma, discrimination and even violence within the Australian health services sector. These conditions reduce help-seeking behaviours, service access, safety and quality of service delivery, ultimately leading to poorer health outcomes for these NDIS participants.

Helping Solutions provides the same level of safe, high-quality services to all marginalised groups including but not limited to, First Nations people, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, age-diverse, and people of diverse sexualities and gender identities.

Further, we believe that our team members are our greatest asset. We recognise that by fostering a culture that supports diversity, inclusion and equality, we will achieve better outcomes for our organisation and our participants.

We work towards these goals by:

  • Creating a safe and comfortable work environment for all employees and participants
  • Providing opportunities for leadership, career development, flexible work and equal participation for all team members
  • Ensuring our organisation is reflective of the communities we serve in terms of attracting, retaining and engaging diverse individuals
  • Promoting equality and diversity throughout the organisation
  • Developing effective leaders with skills to foster our culture of inclusion
  • Ensuring we provide the same access and quality of services to all
  • Ensuring our service team members have the skills to work with and advocate for diverse individuals and communities

Helping Solutions welcomes and encourages team members from diverse backgrounds to participate in the development of Helping Solutions documentation including policies/procedures, external promotional materials and service planning.


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