Core supports

Core Supports help you to live well and we go beyond just taking care of your disability-related needs; we can also support you to live your life to the fullest!

From everyday activities like cleaning and food shopping to helping you achieve your life goals – whatever your life looks like, we’re here to support you to live it the way you want.

Some of the ways we can support you

Assistance with

Daily living activities



Meal preparation

Medication assistance

Domestic support

Cleaning, shopping, attending personal appointments

Supporting you
to take part in

Social or recreational activities

Joining social groups

Visits to sports/rec centres

Art and craft classes

Visiting the Perth Zoo

Visits to national parks or the beach

Attending cooking classes

Check out the local marine life at Aqwa

Catching a movie

Taking a dip at your local community pool

To see how we can support you

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