Your kid deserves the best support delivered by caring, patient and kind support workers who want the best for them as well.

You can rest assured our team of support workers want to see your child thrive and enjoy their childhood, that’s why we place kids with only our most experienced support workers.

Our team is highly experienced in delivering support to children from ages 9 through to 17, living with Autism (ASD), and mental health challenges including self-harm, intellectual disabilities, and cerebral palsy.

Some of the ways
we can assist your child

  • Community inclusion, helping them to engage with their community.
  • Facilitating sport or recreational activities, like swimming lessons, horse riding or cooking classes.
  • For teenagers, we’ll teach them daily life skills such as how to catch public transport.
  • We can also support the child’s efforts to obtain a work placement or volunteer position.

Every kid deserves the chance to explore their interests, and we’d love to help them achieve, learn, and grow.

To see how we can help your child

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