4 Women-led Australian businesses to support this March

International Women’s Day may have come and gone, but we’d like to remind you of the importance of continuing to support women in business. As such we’d like to shine a light on some amazing companies doing incredible things for women and communities. These inspiring businesses are not only making waves in their industries but also making a real difference in the world around them. From crafting chocolate from the land to social enterprise, these companies are all about empowering women and spreading positivity. So, let’s discover their stories as we show our support in light of International Women’s Day, throughout March and going forward.

Mettle Gifts


Meet Mettle – the driving force behind female empowerment and resilience here in Western Australia. Led by a passionate team, Mettle provides employment opportunities and support to survivors of domestic and family violence. Through skills development and financial independence, Mettle is helping survivors break free from abusive situations and build brighter futures. By supporting Mettle, you’re not just buying gifts, you’re investing in real change.

Join the movement and stand in solidarity with survivors as they reclaim their lives with Mettle.

The Little Posy Co.


Brighten up any day with The Little Posy Co. Owned and operated by the talented Helen Pow Davies, this Perth-based flower delivery service offers stunning bouquets that capture the essence of each season. With a commitment to sustainability and affordability, The Little Posy Co. brings joy to every occasion. Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a loved one, The Little Posy Co. has something special for everyone.

Time to start spreading happiness and making The Little Posy Co your go-to all year round!

Two Good Co.


Double the impact, double the goodness with Two Good Co.! Founded with a mission to support survivors of domestic violence, this social enterprise offers nourishing meals and resources to those in need. With their “buy one, give one” model, every purchase helps empower survivors and provide hope for a brighter future. From delicious meals to luxurious products, Two Good Co. invites you to join the movement and make a difference—one meal at a time.

Get ready to double the good with Two Good Co.!

Chocolate on Purpose


Take your taste buds on a journey of flavour and culture with Chocolate on Purpose! Founded by Fiona in Wiradyuri Country, this artisanal chocolate company celebrates the traditions of Australia through unique flavour combinations and indigenous ingredients. Each chocolate is more than just a treat — it’s a story of connection to Country and respect for tradition. With a commitment to sustainability and social impact, Chocolate on Purpose invites you to savour the taste of Wiradyuri Country while supporting Indigenous communities.

Get ready to experience the sweet side of culture with Chocolate on Purpose!


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